Low Vision Clinic

Low vision is defined as a sight problem which is not correctable by spectacles. If you think you may have low vision and live in the borough of Sutton you are welcome to make an appointment for an assessment at our Low Vision Clinic.

You will see our specially trained Optometrist who will measure your vision and how well you see contrast (faintness). Using this information we will aim to maximise your vision using Low Vision aids (magnifiers). If any magnifiers are prescribed they will be on a free, long term loan basis. We will also teach you how to use your magnifier to make the most of your vision.

During your appointment you will also see a specialist rehabilitation officer who can help you with everyday needs and discuss any difficulties you may be having.

Ongoing support is part of the service and there is a system of annual recalls in place.Referring optometrists and GP's are kept informed of outcomes for their patients.

The clinic runs twice a month on a Tuesday. If you would like to book an appointment please contact Vanessa Valentine on 020 8409 7166 or complete the below referral form.