Leave a Gift in your Will

We know your family and friends are your priority but after you’ve made provision for loved ones, maybe you would consider supporting Sutton Vision by leaving us a gift in your will?

Sutton Vision has partnered with Bequeathed to offer an accessible and inclusive service, where every supporter can make a free Will For Good. There is no obligation for you for you to gift the charity to use this service but once you’ve taken care of friends and family, we would be extremely grateful if you would consider supporting us with a gift in your will.

Just follow these simple steps to use this service, which will take less than an hour of your time:

1. Take our online will interview in as little as 20 minutes
Our system creates your will from the answers you give, and we transfer it to one of our partner legal firms.

2. Have a 30-minute telephone or video appointment with a legal professional
They will discuss your situation and your wishes and confirm the will caters for your needs.

3. Receive your free will in the post, sign it and have it witnessed
You can then return a copy to the legal firm who will check it has been executed correctly and securely store it for you, also at no cost.
Having an up to date will is the only way to make sure the people and causes you care about are looked after when you’re gone.

You can find out more about this offer or sign up here.

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